give out是什么意思 giveoff-尊龙人生就是博

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1、give off 发出; 放出(气味); 散发出; 放射出when nitric acid is poured on copper, a brown vapor gives off.将硝酸倒在铜上, 会散发出一种棕色的蒸气。

2、rotten eggs give off a bad smell.臭蛋散发出难闻的气味。

3、give out 1.分发; 散发they stood there, giving out the leaflets to the passers-by.他们站在那里, 向过路人散发传单。

4、2.公布; 宣布the news of the event was given out over the radio.关于这个事件的消息通过无线电发表了。

5、3.耗尽; 用完he plans to stay there until his money gives out.他计划在那里待到钱花完为止。

6、4.停止起作用we had hardly started from home when the engine gave out.我们刚刚离开家, 发动机就失灵了。

7、 呵呵 希望对你有所帮助 祝楼主进步哈。